Gerry has been touching camera's since he was a small child and began to show an Interest In taking photo's about 15 years ago. He has over 10 years of professional experience. Gerry creates all his graphics websites, business cards and marketing materials. With over 10 years of  experience in photoshop. He currently shoots with a CANON 5D MARK II . Gerry has a variety of styles he likes to accomplish when it comes to photography but the work will show you his vibes. Gerry has experience with models, brands, weddings, families, kids, couples and more.  He is also a proud veteran of US Army. Most of all he is a father to his beautiful 6 year old daughter. His creative talents are not limited to photography, but a range of creative talents that can be found below (and his in brain 🧠 just book him for all things creative). Thanks for taking the time to get to know him a bit!


10+ Years

Gerry sparked an interested in photography, like most, when he first got to use the disposable camera around the house. It wasn't until freshmen year of high school in photography club, that He starting gaining interest in photography as a hobby. In College it became a study. Now, it is his livelihood and profession. 

Content Creation

3+ Years 

Gerry began creating Instagram content for a fashion/beauty page back in 2019. From there he ran instagrams (that may include; content creation, scheduling/posting, analytics, website integration) for Churches, Influencers, Artists, Creatives and Businesses. His experience with photography allows him look at things from a creative and unique perspective, to help brands and individuals take their look(s) and content to the next level.  

Creative Director

3+ Years

Gerry began Creative Directing in high school, starting and or directing several clubs. He was also in performing arts/drama/music etc. During his adult years he began Creative directing primarily for his and others photo shoots. He now creative directs for a number of different things. 

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